Jesuit Scholarship Endowment Fund

J.S.E Fund

The Jesuit Scholarship Endowment Fund was initiated in a bid to finance the education of indigent students who are fortunate to gain admission into our prestigious citadel of learning, but find it difficult to pay school fees. Interest from the fund is used to assist students from poorer economic background in payment of school fees at St. Francis Catholic Secondary School.

The plan is to grow the fund over time. We invite every person of goodwill to help us carry out this Corporate Social Responsibility that will empower the Nigerian youth and prepare them for the future as men and women for others. Please donate generously to this endowment fund.

Why Not support Us?

Payments can be made to Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) St. Francis Catholic Secondary School 0018750990 (Naira), St. Francis Catholic Secondary School 0119567794 (USD) or make an online payment