107, Liasu Road, Idimu, Lagos, Nigeria



As a Jesuit secondary school, St. Francis Catholic Secondary School, Idimu, strives to provide quality education geared towards academic excellence, formation of character and care of the whole person (cura personalis) through the development of the intellectual, the physical, the spiritual, the aesthetic/creative, the affective and the imaginative dimension of the person. We inspire our students to reflect, to question, to learn, to love, to pray. To serve and lead. Our staff members dedicate themselves to a caring and dynamic interaction with students both inside and outside the classroom.

1. To admit students, employ teachers and appoint board members who embrace our mission.
2. To attract, inspire and retain an outstanding faculty and administration and to offer ongoing programmes of professional development
3. To organize formation programmes for staff and ensure that the Ignatian/Jesuit character of the school remains vital
4. To celebrate our Catholic/Jesuit identity through events such as liturgies, sacraments and prayers; as well as promote respect for other faith/religions through education and special events
5. To employ the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (context, experience, reflection, action and evaluation) as a model for instruction and learning
6. To stimulate each student to appreciate his/her God given talents and to examine and articulate his/her thoughts, beliefs, feelings and goals
7. To encourage participation in extracurricular activities as a means of developing the whole person
8. To prepare a curriculum and activities that call our students to be men and women for others (people of service)
9. To stimulate our students and staff to become more aware of social justice issues and to appreciate how their immediate personal and communal decisions and actions can have far-reaching consequences
10. To establish working relationship with local, national and international organizations whose missions enable St. Francis Catholic Secondary School community grow in faith and promote charity and justice through service