Holiday’s Delight

                                               Administrator’s Letter to all Students

                                                                                                                                                             March 31, 2020


Dear Magis of St. Francis,

Hope you are all keeping safe. Do not slack in following all the rules for personal and environmental hygiene. I remember you every day in my prayers. I believe that at the end of this long road, we will experience a new kind of enlightenment. As we continue in our self-isolation due to COVID-19, I want to awaken in you the opportunities that this road offers for us. As Jesuit-educated, use this opportunity to expand your horizon and broaden your knowledge. While it is important that we all stay informed, avoid the temptation of considering this unprecedented road as a thoroughfare for television viewing all day long. Rather than being exclusively glued to the social media and TV media, see this situation as a rare opportunity to anchor yourselves more deeply in learning and character. Read widely and expand your vocabulary. Sharpen your mathematical skills in both speed and accuracy. Overcome your weaknesses and phobias in certain subjects. Pray, read, study, calculate, analyze, meditate, reflect, and help your parents in daily chores! Read and read and read (emphasis meant) to understand and not to memorize. For spiritual reading during this trial of our destiny, I recommend that we read or read again the Book of Job. Additionally, Eloquentia Perfecta is not only in speech; it is also in writing. Use this opportunity of silence and “being still” to write eloquently about your experiences. Articulate them in a daily journal!

Please constantly check the school’s website for updates. God willing, we will be commencing our Google school/Online learning after Easter Sunday. During this online education, use your Ignatian imagination to participate actively in the virtual classroom environment. Dress well for the classroom experience and sit on a chair behind a table or desk in your home. Imagine your classroom milieu at SFCSS. Imagine your teachers and your classmates. Ask questions and participate actively using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Never be a second late for the virtual classroom experience! Details of the SFCSS’ online education and fees would be communicated to your parents later.

Prior to the commencement of the online schooling, I would want everyone to download the Holiday Delights prepared by your teachers for JS1, JS2, SS1, and SS2 students. Design a daily schedule and give a comprehensive response to the questions. Rather than guess answers, consult widely your textbooks and notebooks. Furthermore, do not forget that once you return to SFCSS, you will commence exams to appropriately finish the second term. Class of 2020 (SS3 students) and Class of 2023 (JS3 students), continue to prepare thoroughly and diligently for your impending WASSCE and BECE  examinations, respectively. Every student should avoid idleness, for we know what an idle brain is. This is a special call to courage, fortitude, hard work, and prayer to all the Magis of SFCSS. May God bless and protect us all!

Rev. Fr. Maduabuchi Leo Muoneme, S.J.

School Administrator


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